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In order to manufacture EUV mask, it is necessary to evaluate the imaging performance of mask according to pattern type and pitch
using simulation software which emulates absorber structure. In order to minimize the mask 3D effect, research
on the material, structure and phase difference of the new absorber based on the simulation is being actively conducted.
EUV IUCC utilizes a simulation tool that simulates the actual lithography environment to evaluate the imaging performance of the mask
according to the absorber structure and provides basic data for mask structure design. In addition, we support manufacturing
through absorber deposition and etching processes and evaluate mass production applicability through chemical resistance evaluation of cleaning solutions.

  • Imaging performance evaluation through aerial image simulation according to pattern type (Line / Space, Dot / Space)
  • Evaluation of imaging performance through aerial image simulation by pitch and absorber thickness
  • Phase difference, reflectivity, amplitude measurement of absorber by diffraction pattern simulation
  • Absorber structure design showing optimal imaging performance for each absorber material
  • Evaluation of mask 3D effect (telecentricity error, best focus shift) according to absorber conditions
  • LER, LWR, CDU evaluation through latent image simulation
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