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Due to the high energy of EUV photons, photon shot noise is intensified compared to the existing DUV exposure process. The stochastic effect from photon shot noise is a major consideration in the development of EUV resist. This requires a higher level of difficulties for the excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low line width roughness that are fundamentally required for photoresist. In particular, high optical absorbance for EUV photons and stringent requirements for etch resistance are required. Therefore, we are actively researching new materials as well as improving the performance of photoresist that has been applied to the existing DUV exposure process.
EUV IUCC helps member companies in researching EUV photoresist structures using new processes and materials. We also provide EUV photoresist performance evaluation services with 13.5 nm EUV beams using synchrotron.

  • EUV photoresist structure design using novel processes and materials
  • Evaluation of EUV photoresist performances including sensitivity, line width roughness, and resolution through interference lithography using EUV wavelength of 13.5 nm
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