Successful pattern formation in EUV lithography requires even higher process difficulty than conventional DUV lithography.
Predictions for various variables require more factors that were not considered in the conventional process.
As a result, the simulation technology of predicting the performance of process key elements, such as EUV masks and pellicles, has become
an essential element technology in EUV lithography process research. Various efforts are being conducted to find process solutions efficiently through simulation.
EUV IUCC provides a wide range of efficient EUV process prediction techniques, including EUV simulations to predict the performance of masks
and pellicles according to structures and materials, as well as predicting lifetimes due to thermal deformation and contamination.

  • Performance analysis by simulation according to EUV mask material and structure
  • Performance analysis by simulation according to EUV pellicle material and structure
  • Lifetime prediction by simulation according to EUV pellicle structure and contaminant
  • EUV reticle pod particle contamination control characteristics analysis
  • Simulation of heat transfer analysis during EUV light irradiation
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