We are the only expert group in Korea that has more than 20 years of experience in conducting
EUV-related research or continuously researches the fields related to current issues in EUV technology.
There are very few EUV researchers in Korea as well as abroad,
and very few people have EUV research experience at our center level.

What can we do for you?

EUV Industry-University Cooperation Center (EUV IUCC) is a technology network hub dedicated to aiding industries and research institution members by

  • enhancing EUV technology through fundamental and applied research and transfer research results
  • partnering up with the world-leading research brains and infrastructures for research opportunities in EUV related disciplines
  • keeping members updated on latest EUV technologies and trends
  • licensing our IP for new product design, prototyping and manufacturing
  • sharing government funding program information

Why work with us?

Top-of-the-class expert team
Tens of experts in the academic side of EUV take parts in EUV-IUCC. They have various experiences in many different organizations in the world and have in-depth expertise in EUV as well as profound scientific backgrounds. That makes EUV-IUCC the perfect place for turning your ideas into reality.

  • You can have connection with very few EUV researchers worldwide.
  • We know who he/she is and what he/she does in EUV industry.
  • You can have access to state-of-the-art infrastructures through our global network
  • You can lower your research costs and risks through open innovation
  • You can enhance competitiveness with our in-depth technology knowledge
  • You can accelerate your product roadmap and reduce your time to market (TTM) with us.
  • Jinho Ahn

    Hanyang University

  • Hye-Keun Oh

    Hanyang University

  • Jin-Goo Park

    Hanyang University

  • Sejin Yook

    Hanyang University

  • Haksung Kim

    Hanyang University

  • Taegon Kim

    Hanyang University

  • Sangsul Lee


  • Jiyoung Kim


  • Greg Denbeaux

    SUNY Polytech

  • Hyeongkeun Kim


  • Yasin Ekinci

    Paul Scherrer Institute

  • Vivek Bakshi

    EUV Litho Inc.

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