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In order to minimize productivity degradation of lithography process, EUV pellicle has the shape of a several tens of
nm thickness membrane for high EUV transmittance. This membrane needs to withstand the thermal load from high photon energy
of EUV light and physical stress in lithography processes. It also requires chemical resistance to the hydrogen radical environment inside
the exposure chamber. The development of a 110 mm x 144 mm EUV pellicle that meets these requirements demands extreme technical difficulty.
EUV-IUCC owns membrane fabrication facilities and unique EUV pellicle characterization technology.
These enables us to provide EUV pellicle fabrication and ultra-thin film characterization service (optical/physical/thermal)
to support EUV pellicle research of member companies.

  • Nanometer scale metal and metal compound thin film deposition
  • EUV pellicle fabrication through Si wet etching process
  • Evaluation of mechanical properties through bulge test: evaluation of mechanical properties such as fracture pressure, plane-strain modulus and ultimate tensile strength (UTS) for each EUV pellicle structure
  • Evaluation of thermal characteristics through heat load test: Evaluation of thermal durability according to EUV pellicle structure in exposure environment
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